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Operation: Boathouse

January 15, 2014



New staircase, kitchen and other cosmetic alterations. Lots to think about on a floating house.

Had to make sure there was headroom below existing drop-beam where the new stairs are going:

stairs inside


Plans are very near completion and demo starts this week. Construction starts shortly after, probably Tuesday, Jan 21.



Kitchen Reno

October 27, 2013






Finished a kitchen reno for some friends a couple months ago. Actually it was more than a kitchen reno; we added 300+ square feet of house/kitchen nook and 500 sq.ft. of deck. It was a fairly major job but really added to the beauty of the place.

Here’s a sketch of the plans. I’ll post some photos shortly.


New home for the roaster!!

April 26, 2013

Well we completed the last phase of moving out from our old location!  After eight years Shawnigan will not smell the roasting of beans- instead Mill bay will!  From roasting  here on our property we can focus more on online sales as well as wholesale but if anyone wants to swing by for a coffee give us a shout!

We will be having regular specials on our beans – mail ordering is available as well as delivery.  Chocolate is still in the picture as well- just made a Mint Smoothie delivery today to Victoria for someone to take back to Calgary- very cool.

We will  be posting some pics soon of the “Roasting Shed”


Talk soon-


Island of Illumination

August 25, 2011




Got up extra early to watch the sunrise this morning… too early. Up at 5:25 and forgetting the sun is rising later and later these days… more like 6:40 over Pender Island this morning.  When it finally did lift over the horizon my wife, daughter and dogs were there to greet it with me.
It almost matched the amazing sunset last night which I sadly did not capture – although sometimes those pictures are best left undigitized.

Island of Venomation

August 24, 2011


Apparently Salt Spring is where wasps and bees go to relax as well. Three hours, three stings. We have a daughter who carries an epinephrin pen due to her previous reaction to a sting. (same daughter as in earlier photo)
Shall attempt to enjoy Salt Spring attractions mentioned earlier whilst dodging venomous insects.
Wish me luck.

Island of Inspiration

August 24, 2011



There is something about #saltspring – hashmarks or no – that I truly find inspiring.

Hippies have always intrigued me – being the offspring of a couple from wayback it’s no surprise – but I guess when you get this many together, and most of them have stopped calling themselves hippies, you’re going to end up with some amazing art, architecture, gardens, and a lot of Subarus: at least two of which I find very compelling.

I will be enjoying the Saturday market, a walk around #foxglovefarm, a drive by and maybe tour of some natural building, not to mention the natural beauty of the Island.

Ferry boat is almost in Vesuvius so i’ll drop it for now. Hopefully much more as the weekend approaches.

Brick oven @ Foxglove Farm

August 24, 2011

Heading to Salt Spring with my amazing family to camp at Ruckle.  Island of inspiration.